Monday, June 9, 2008

potty training

Why does it seem that it would be easier to train a house pet to potty train than it is to train your own kids?  Mikey is so stubborn that he will not be trained a day before he is ready, and I think he has taken up Dash's advice on the "Incredibles" when he says "LUCKY!" about how jack-jack can go to the bathroom whenever and wherever he wants.  I am beginning to think the kid likes the convenience of it all.  Just to remind us of his steel will, he has picked up a lion's growl that he lets out with both of his front paws aiming at you and ready to claw.  He uses this anytime he doesn't get to do something he wants, or when he doesn't want to do something that you want him to (like going potty).  Grrrrrrrrr!  And then he sometimes will tell you "Your fired" (without the pronouncing the "r" of course).  Now, he could mean two things by this.  Either he is just throwing flames at me, or more likely he realizes that he is the boss and I am a lowly worker that he is sending out the door.  

The funny thing is that he is only personifying my own frustrations.  Oh well, I sure love him none the less - potty trained or not, that little stinker.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big Brothers treasure hunt to find this prize

Mikey is ecstatic to finally reach the prize

Spencer is reading the message

Their faces speak more than words about the news.

Finally, this is what I thought about it:
"Yee haw!"

But even better, the trophy is yet to come.

Thanks to Jaimie, a few great graduation pictures