Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trevor is 8 Months!

Wow-ee!  How our little angel is growing!  He turned 8 months this week, so I thought I'd post some pics for all to adore!  Some of his recent milestones are: eating a variety of baby foods (he eats a TON, and we wonder how he can stay so small!), sitting up, rolling everywhere (even out of his doorway and into the hall!), and army-crawling backwards.  Trevor loves interacting with people, especially with his big "Bubbas".   He also loves blowing raspberries ALL the time, especially when he's hungry (it's really funny)!  Trevor absolutely loves being outside; he gets so excited and kicks his legs wildly and starts breathing heavy even when I open his window to look at the trees with him!  With Spencer and Mikey in school, and since the weather has been gorgeous, I've taken Trevor running in the jogging stroller a lot lately.   It is a special time for me to be with by baby and surrounded by the nature I love, and I like to think that he enjoys it too (since he never cries :-). 

Here's some pics, not the Jaron's 'sisters-and-mom's-professional-quality-photos', but they do the job!  This first one is kind of silly, but it shows off his HUGE blue eyes.

I love this little guy!

This is Trevor's reaction when Spencer entered the room! (he's laughing)

Spencer loves to play with Trevor and make him laugh.  He's such a fun big brother!

Spencer thought it would be so cute to give Trevor a "halo" and take a picture.  I love the face Trev pulled for this one!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to US!

Such a fun time of year, when Jaron and I get to celebrate our birthdays together!! (Sept 6, 7).   He had the whole weekend off, including Memorial Day, so we really lived it up!  On Saturday, Jaron took Spencer and Mikey to the Iowa Hawkeye football game, and Trevor and I did some serious shopping at a nearby outlet mall (talk about DREAM birthday for me--lots of stores...very few kids!)  I have to insert here that Spencer, Mikey and Trevor are SO lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy.  For a variety of reasons, but last Saturday illustrated just one.  Jaron had been on call Friday night, got basically no sleep, and then spent the whole day Saturday with his boys at the football game and playing afterward.  Despite working a lot, Jaron has so much fun with his children and really makes it a priority to make meaningful memories with them.  I love him for it!
On Sunday we had a nice peaceful Sabbath, some not-so-peaceful Blockus-playing, and a delicious ice-cream cake.
On Monday, since Jaron had the day off, we decided to explore a rock climbing site here in Iowa, about an hour from our house.  Who would've thunk that there'd be climbing in Iowa??  But there was, and it was actually good climbing, and the boys and I had lots of fun!  We went with our friends who have 3 boys too, so there were always enough adult hands to help belay or hold a baby or play with bigger boys.  Everyone got a couple chances to climb (except the babies), and Spencer was thrilled to make it to the top of this wall!  We were all so proud (Jaron especially!).  

Here's Jaron belay-ing Spencer at the start of the climb:

This is the entire wall that Spencer climbed.  Of course it's a lot bigger when you're on it!

Classic Mikey expression, after finishing his turn climbing / Tarzan swinging:

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!  You are truly an amazing man--kind, unselfish, sensitive to others, fun, witty, crazy, intelligent, sweet, honest, and oh-so-handsome! (Doesn't he look great for 30??!!)