Saturday, January 17, 2009

EM's up and about

Thought I'd take a second in between cat-naps to tell Jaron how lucky I feel to share our three beautiful boys with him!  Each one of our boys is so special, and I feel so grateful for each one of them!  Jaron is an amazing father, best friend, and true support.  We were lucky that he's had some paternity days off from work, and he's been a champ as "Mr Mom", not only keeping the boys alive and out of danger but showing them a great time and keeping the house in order too!  Now that's talent!  I've loved having cuddle time with little Trevor--I just can't get enough, even if it's several times a night.  Now that I'm on numero tres, I know that these precious (and exhausting) moments won't last forever, so I want to cherish them instead of begrudge them.  It's been nice to hear from all you friends and family--thanks for your prayers and support!  Family sure is a beautiful thing!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emily had our baby!

Trevor James Sullivan

Born 1/14/09

Weight 7 lbs 14 ounces

Length 20 inches

First words: "Its me, I'm a bobble head!"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spencer grows up - 6th birthday

Emily spent quite a long time preparing so that Spencer could have a really special birthday party.  I have been on a lighter schedule, so it was nice to help out some also.  The theme was Star Wars, and Emily made an awesome cake as seen to the left (held by the sexy princess Leia).  

We had a sharp shooting contest, but I did not volunteer to be shot since I still have bruises from the Thanksgiving paintball fiasco.

After the party Spencer took all of his gifts back to the store, cashed in, and then went to the local tatt shop.  Can you believe kids these days?  I was irate and just about duked it out with him at the door when he walked in (but then I saw his guns and decided that wouldn't be the best decision).  Actually one of his friends gave him a book with 500 tatts, so we went to town while mom was gone getting her hair done.  She stopped by the house on her way to Walmart.  Spencer had a long sleeve shirt on, and ran out the door to go with her.  While in the store waiting in line, the next thing she knows Spencer has one sleeve pulled all the way up and is flexing and dancing around in line to show off his artwork.  I wish I could have seen her face.  It probably would have looked something like mine below.