Monday, December 28, 2009

Mullet Time

Here's a fun one from the archives: Jaron and Em schooled the competition at the Orthopedic "Mullet Contest" last spring (of course, we were some of the only few that went all-out...). You can't see it here, but not only does Jaron have a sweet mullet, but it's even "dove-tailed" in the back. I know, I know...we're a HOT couple!

Bad Luck!

Our third camera in less than 2 years has gone the way of the buffalo...(four, if you count our video camera too). It met it's fate on our kitchen floor. I was making Christmas goodies with the boys, and I let them have turns taking pictures of each other and the treats...I guess I should have made them use the safety strap! It's been a few weeks since this happened, but I've been too sad about it (and the fact that we went all Christmas without picture-taking!), that I haven't wanted to post. We'll be back up and running soon, but until then, you can shed a tear for us and the bad luck we've had with cameras.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let It Snow!

Snow day!!!  We were all SO excited to get our first snow day yesterday (which has turned into another today!).  We had our first big snowstorm, with over a foot of snow.  The boys made a "fort" in the front yard, complete with a tunnel, stairs, slide and sitting area.  I didn't get a photo of the finished product, but here's them working on it.  I mostly wanted to capture how the snow piled up on each tree branch.  There's something magical about waking up in the morning, and it's still dark, but it's sort-of light outside because of all the white snow.  It was fun to be outside in the cold, play in the snow, then come in and get cozy with hot chocolate and marshmallows.  As long as we don't have to be out in it for too long, we really love the snow!!