Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebration of Trevor (be-lated)!

Still trying to catch up...

On January 14, Trevor turned ONE!! He is such a special boy, and has brought so much joy and laughter to our home. His big brothers just adore him. They've loved having him get older and be more interactive. One of the cute things Spencer and Mikey do with Trevor is play "Team Goo" ('Goo' is Trev's nickname), which is basically a "Let's copy Trevor" game, so they'll go crawling around after Trevor from room to room, flop around and giggle like him, making Trevor laugh and laugh from all the attention.

Some of the things we love about our little Trevor are: how he loves to laugh and to get people around him to laugh with him; how expressive he is (a blessing and a curse, depending on which emotion he's choosing to express at the time!); how he cuddles up to us; his affection for his brothers.

Some of Trevor's favorite things are:
1) Balls. "Ball" was his first word. Trev has a 6th-sense (like Mikey did) of knowing where any ball is in the house at all times (we looked all over the house for Jaron's missing juggling ball one night, with no luck. The next morning as I was fixing breakfast, Trevor crawled into the kitchen with the missing ball in his hand--happy as a clam!). And he'll be the first to spot any spherical object in the store, out the car window, or on a walk ("Ball! Ball!")

2) Cars. Trevor loves to "drive" his toy cars all over the floors and furniture.

3) Bath time. I've given up worrying about getting water on the bathroom floor. I just let him splash his heart out (which he does most vigorously!) until there's more water on the floor than in the tub, and then I know it's time for him to get out. Pretty much from the moment I put him in until I take him out, it's an all-out splash fest (which makes washing him quite interesting!).

4) Mama. (and Dada!) But I have to say, this little guy is a Mama's boy. He's recently been giving any one besides Mom or Dad the "stinkeye" if they reach out to hold him. Sometimes Mom and Dad get the stinkeye too if we try to suggest it's bedtime before he's ready (along with a vigorous head-shake "NO"--I told you he was expressive!)

5) Outside. Trevor got a taste of the world that exists beyond the front door when we went to Texas (more on that later) a few weeks ago, and was actually able to play in the grass. Ever since, if he hears the garage or front door open, he makes a B-line from wherever he is in the house (I've never seen a kid sprint-crawl so fast!), and tries to squeeze past our legs just to dash outside. Can't wait till it's actually warm enough for him to play outdoors here in "North Texas"!

We love Trevor so much! Happy Late Birthday!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Celebration of Spencer!

Since I'm waaaaaaaay behind on blogging, I'm not going to overwhelm myself by trying to recap ALL the fun events I haven't written about. I'll just touch on a couple highlights of winter, the first of which happened shortly after Christmas. On January 3, Spencer turned 7!! We had a fun family party, going to Chuck-E-Cheese and eating a lemon-berry baseball cake (his choice!). I want to make this post a "Celebration of Spencer". These are some of the things that make Spencer such an outstanding boy:

1. He is, and always has been, sensitive to others' needs. He is aware of when others are hurting or sad, and tries his hardest to help them.

2. He is a great example to his younger brothers. He loves teaching them and helping them. He loves making them laugh. Spencer has an amazing ability to motivate Mikey to clean a room or get a chore done (a HUGE accomplishment!) by making a game out of it.

3. Spencer is a good student. He loves to learn, works hard at school, and takes pride in doing good work. He has become an excellent reader. He has also been taking piano lessons (from a not-so-skilled-or-patient mother!), and even though he doesn't love it, he is consistent with practicing and has moments of playing the "Harry Potter" theme song at a ward talent show recently!

4. Spencer is an inventor! He is constantly building things with legos, blocks, K'nex, Tinker Toys, or scrapwood from the garage. He likes to create little worlds, cars and planes, and "robots". He also loves building forts out of couch cushions and blankets. He seems most fulfilled when he's creating things. He likes to hum to himself while he works, and I love hearing his happy-creating tunes!

5. Spencer is an artist. When he's not building something, he's usually drawing. He mostly draws things that he makes up himself--little characters--and will tell a story about them.

6. Spencer loves to play sports and romp around outside. He loves to ride his bike, play football, baseball, and skateboard.

7. Spencer loves people. He loves to talk and express himself, and he also loves knowing what's going on in others' lives. I've loved this past year of his life because I feel like he's become more of a friend--someone who is fun to talk to and joke with. It is so nice to have him around, especially since Jaron is gone so much. I sure love my buddy Spencer!

8. Spencer continues to develop a love for God. He has a sense of God's love for him, and he has moments of desiring closeness with the Divine.

9. Jaron and I feel SO incredibly blessed to have Spencer in our family! He makes us so happy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mikey is a Prodigy

A few months ago, Jaron was hanging out with the kids, quizzing them on math problems. Spencer was answering lots of them, leaving Mikey feeling left-out. So Jaron decided to make the problems harder...and all of the sudden, Mikey became a whiz at math! Spencer couldn't believe that his 4-year-old brother knew multiplication and division problems! Perhaps Mikey had a little inspiration...or maybe he really is a genius...I'll let you decide! I'm sad that I only captured the tail end of the "Advanced Math Games" on video. This had been going on for about 10 minutes or so before the part I recorded.

What You've Been Waiting For

Two mighty "Captain Underpants". Comin' atcha in full force!


Jaron worked his magic, gave our "unfixable" camera a couple good whacks, and...voila! We're back in business! Way to go Honey! (Anyone need some bones fixed while he's on a roll...?)