Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Angel

I was talking to Trevor in a public place the other day and a lady asked me, "Oh, is his name Angel?"  I wondered what in the world she was talking about, until I realized that I must have been calling him "My sweet Angel", like we do so often.  Other favorite nicknames include: Sweet Pea, Sweet Poopers, Puppy Dog (or Pup), Goo (and Gooey--both Spencer's inventions), and little Bubba.  We sure love our little Trev!  He is 4 months old now, and had a really special moment with Daddy today at his baby blessing.  Unfortunately, I had lost my camera, so didn't get that one documented, but here are some recent pictures of Trevor:

He likes reaching for things, although usually his fists are still clenched, and it's pure luck if he actually gets what he's reaching for.

If he's not sucking on his pacifier, he's got a finger or two or even both fists shoved in his mouth!

It's hard photographing a baby!

He's been rolling over, but we have few witnesses--he usually waits till we turn our backs!

There goes a thumb...

Sweet little Angel!

The Finished Product

Who's that Hottie by the half-pipe?  Oh, lucky-me!  It's my husband!!  Here's just a few photos of Jaron's masterpiece.  You can check out his facebook page for the full album. 

Just to give an idea of the amazing leveling job Jaron did:

Mikey's Quotable

This is no joke (and not for the weak-stomached):  Mikey came out of the bathroom tonight, and I asked, "Mikey, did you wash your hands?"  "Yup," he said.  "With soap?"  Pause.  "Weow (well), I just used my magic powers."  "Magic powers?! Was that the soap?"  "Yea, it was the soap!"  Hmmm.  "Um, Mikey, can you SHOW me the soap you used?"  "It was just wike (like) this..." Whereupon he flashes his hands out and makes a woosh-ing noise as he shakes them vigorously.  Wow.  I had NO idea my little superhero had such amazing powers!  I've heard of water-less hand cleaners, but this is REALLY cutting-edge!  Not to mention creative.  How many times before this has he been super-charging his hands clean?!! Needless to say, I helped him funnel his super-powers back to the sink with the soap dish this time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Neighbors You Wish You Never Had...

What would you think if you saw the following going on in your neighbor's garage / yard?

So the secret is out:  We have a die-hard skateboarder in our family! Now all the neighbors know it, like it or not!  Actually, Jaron has been doing an amazing job putting together his "mini-ramp" in some of his spare moments. I'm proud of how well he's done, having drawn up the plans, gathered all the materials and thrown this thing together so well (it's even level on our sloped lawn!).  He's had a little help from some fellow high-school boarders (or do they still call them "thrashers"?), and from our buddy Aaron who lives in a home nearby for persons with Downs. I'll have to have Jaron write more later about his first-hand experiences with the ramp, but I think he's had lots of fun building it (he prefers it to post-call sleep most days!). 

Our boys also love the ramp, especially in this "skeleton" stage.  They have a blast climbing on it, and in this picture I think they're "fishing" off it with the neighbor kids.

Bring Your Family to School Night

Spencer's school hosted a "Bring your family to school" night, showcasing each grade's accomplishments in art, singing and P.E.  We're so proud of Spencer for being such a good Kindergarten student!  I couldn't resist sharing this video clip of the Kindergarten singing.  Spencer is in the back row (he was excited that he was tall enough!), and he's definitely a cutie, but if you want the "America's Funniest" version, check out the kid down one row and to the right of him (our right).  I crack up every time I see it!

During the P.E. time, the Kindergarteners showed their parents some activities they do with water noodles (like playing tag and sword-fighting).  Mikey was DYING to get in on it--he hated just watching from the side.  He'd scoot closer and closer away from the sidelines and toward the action.  An astute P.E. assistant noticed this little brother and invited him to join the older kids, handing him his very own noodle!  Mikey was ecstatic!