Friday, August 22, 2008

Spencer Starts School!!


 All those sleepless nights when Spencer was a newborn, how I longed for the time when I could get a little "break" from being an over-time mom.  Now my first "break" has come, with Spencer starting Kindergarten, and I've missed him like crazy (Note picture to left).

Since I did home-preschool with him and Mikey last year, we've never really been apart, and Mikey misses his "Bubba" and so do I.  But we're adjusting, I'm enjoying quieter rides in the car and one-on-one time with Mikey.  And Spencer is loving his school.  If you ask him what his favorite thing about school is he'll probably tell you it's the lunches!  I've bought his lunch several days this week and Spencer thinks he's going to a restaurant each day!  Chicken nuggets, hamburger, pizza,'s heaven to a growing, hungry boy!

I'm so proud of Spencer and love him so much.  He's growing to become a kind, loving brother and son.  I also love his excitement for life, his vivid imagination (he loves to "build" things in our garage or yard and to draw anything that he imagines), and his sensitivity to others.  I'm sure he'll do great in school this year!

Mikey Turns 3!!

Mikey's birthday was August 16th, but we celebrated it a couple days early so Jaron would be home with us (he was on call on the 16th).  We had just gotten back from our trip to Texas (which was a blast and wonderful to be with Jaron's sister Jenna at her reception!), so we hadn't had much time to shop.  First thing in the morning we headed out to Wal-Mart, I did some grocery shopping while Jaron took the boys to check out the "big-boy bikes".  I hadn't finished my produce shopping when I hear, "Beep! Beep! Wook (look) OUT!!"  and "Varooooom! I go so fast daddy!!" Here comes Mikey, tearing through the apple and orange stands on the smallest "big-boy bike" they make.  Mikey beamed ear-to-ear as he pumped his little legs harder and harder on the pedals.  The customers beamed (and chuckled and pointed) as they saw this little speed-racer on his new big-boy bike.  As soon as Mikey saw me he exclaimed, "Wook Mommy!  I got a new big-boy bike!!"  He was so proud, and I felt one of the many joys of parenthood: arguably having more fun watching my child enjoy his present than he was actually experiencing himself.

As I'm writing this, I realize that I haven't taken any pictures of Mikey's bike yet (shame on me), but we did capture the "Dino-Cake" (Mikey requested it--and it's RED, not pink!).