Sunday, April 11, 2010

Texas in February...

Still trying to catch up here...Waaaaay back in February, we took a trip to Texas to visit our family and friends we've been missing dearly! (By "we", I mean myself driving 17 hrs straight-through-the-night with our three angels, staying for almost a week, before Jaron flew down to meet us and drive home with us.)

We started out visiting Aaron and Jaimie, whom we've missed SO much! Our boys had so much fun playing with their cousins, soaking up outside weather (since it was Feb, we hadn't been outside without full snow regalia for months!), and getting loved on by their Aunt Jaimie. Jaimie really has a big heart, and a talent for making even little events so special. We were there during Valentine's Day, and Jaimie and Aaron made a scavenger hunt for the kids to find Valentine's goodies. They were sent all around the house, yard and neighborhood before they found their sweet baskets! Thanks so much, Jaim and Aaron, for making that such a special experience! Another highlight was going on a "date" with Jaimie (Aaron was SOOO nice to watch all the kids AND put them to bed!). We spend literally hours at Jason's Deli, eating and mostly chatting--catching up on the lost couple years since we left TX. Growing up, I was always sad that I never had any sisters, but I feel SO blessed now to not only have incredible sisters-in-law, but to have skipped all the cat-fights and skipped right to the friendship and bonding. I love you Jaim!

Jaimie and I before our "date":

Aunt Jaimie making homemade suckers with Mikey:

Dallon, Dawson, Spencer, Mikey, Easton and Trevor at a putt-putt/go-kart place:
(ps--I totally smoked Jaimie in the go-karts, don't let her tell you otherwise!)

Dallon, Dawson, Spencer and Mikey playing at a park:

Our next stop was to visit our dear friends from Med school, the Allred's. Spencer and Carson have known each other since they were 1, and they're such good buddies! This is a waterfall along a beautiful trail that we rode bikes on:
I didn't get many pictures at the Allred's, but I had so much fun staying up way past my bedtime, chatting with Janene. She's an amazing friend and mother, and I'm always inspired to be a better person when I'm around her!

The final stop on our Texas tour took us to Mammy and Pappy's home and Rodeo Arena, where we got to cheer on my hottie husband as he showed a bunch of cowboys what this city-slicker can do! He won his division in a Team Roping competition, bringing home a sweet belt-buckle; an 1847 (I think?) replica black-powder pistol; and enough earnings to pay for his plane ticket! I told him he may want to consider switching professions! He was really awesome! Here's Jaron and me with his team ropin' partner, and their buckles.

The Allred's came to cheer Jaron on (thats Pappy in the background, with Mikey, Tanner, Janene, Jared and Brinley on the bleacher):

Watching Jaron rope was pretty exciting...However, we absolutely LOVED spending time with Mammy and Pappy. They have a way of making us feel loved and having fun with us, regardless of how busy they are (which is usually on the 'extremely-crazy-busy' end of the spectrum). We never leave their place feeling under-loved! And our kids rarely get a chance to be under-spoiled either! They gave Spencer and Dawson be-lated birthday gifts: real "Lil Banshee" bow-and-arrow sets! They were a hit with the BIG "lil-banshees" as well as with Spencer and Dawson!

Thanks for the great memories everyone!!