Saturday, November 5, 2011

Em's Race and Daddy Daycare

This weekend, I (Em) went to Indy to run the Half-Marathon. I was so pleased to get my personal best time--1:47 (8:10 pace)! I felt great!! (Well, other than feeling extremely sore and like I wanted to quit a dozen times, but telling myself that I'm not dead yet, so I might as well just suck it up and keep pushing!) But other than that, I felt AWESOME! Before the race, and several times during it, I caught myself thinking, "Why the heck to people DO stuff like this?!" But as soon as I finished, I remembered why. :) It was a quick trip to Indy; I went down with my two girlfriends on Friday, and we left right after the race on Saturday (gotta love the 6-hour-post-race-drive home!). But I got to stay with my parents Friday night and get my love bucket filled :), AND have a fun time with my buddies!

Back at the homefront, Jaron wielded his magic with the kiddos: a little Mickey-D's, a load of Halloween Candy, and some late-night wiggles yielded the following fun times!