Sunday, June 26, 2011

April in Arizona

Back in April, Jaron went to a conference for work, and I tagged along (thanks to Nana for staying with the boys!). We had a lovely "getaway". We stayed at a nice resort in the foothills of Tucson, did a little mountain biking and hiking, and greased our tubes at the scrumptious "In-N-Out". I sure have an amazing husband, and it was so fun to have an extended date with him. Can't wait to do it again!

Catalina State Park. Right near our hotel. I spent half a day hiking around while Jaron went to conference meetings one day. Rough, I know.

"Together we stand, Divided we fall"...cause I'll be darned if I'm falling off into the cacti! Mountain biking was pretty intense, because if we weren't careful we'd be eating cholla or prickly pear! Check out these Dr.Seuss-looking cholla bushes. (Those are thorns, not fuzzies):

Thanks for a wonderful trip Darlin'!

Spencer's Piano Recital

Spencer worked hard this year at practicing piano. He doesn't always love practicing, but he sure brings joy to the home when he plays! We're so proud of him for being so dedicated!