Sunday, August 21, 2011

Look at our Gorgeous Friends!!

When we went to Texas this summer, we were sad that our best friends, the Allred's, were out of town, and we weren't going to be able to visit them. Lucky for us, though, we schemed a plan to meet "halfway" between their vacation spot, Colorado, and our drive home. That's how we ended up partying it up in Wichita, Kansas:

Jared and Janene got ahold of our camera and left us a few "surprises"!

Best Buds Spence and Carson

Mikey and Tanner

Trevor and "Bwin-wee" (Brynlee)(SO sad that we didn't get a pic of her cute face!!)

We were lucky to have joined rooms, so the kids went NUTS running from room to room, playing tag, building forts and jumping on beds!

We love you Allred's!!


Steph Thomas said...

That is so fun that you guys got to see them again. I will always remember your families. The ward was SO great when you guys were here. It is still good but I really miss you guys:)

Janene said...

We love YOU, Sullivans! We are so glad it worked out to see you guys! And I'm so glad you love us despite our parting gift to you! :)

Jaimie said...

Those pics the Allreds left for you on your camera as a surprise made me laugh. They are so fun! Love them.

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