Sunday, April 3, 2011


WARNING: Excessive use of winter hats and sleeping on pillows MAY cause up to 12 dreadlocks on a single head. These are not life-threatening, but are likely to cause severe irritation of the scalp when attempting to comb through them!

The recommend course of action is to immediately cut (with scissors or a Suck-cut) the mad nappy-ness.

After you have shed the mean case of bed-head, you will likely feel light and free, and may even attempt daring acts such as scaling the pantry shelves to get your paws on the chocolate chips.

Spencer's Baptism!!

We're ba-aaaak! We're pleased to announce our return to the blogging world after a forced hiatus due to the loss and (thankfully!) recovery of all the pictures on our hard drive.

So now it's business as usual!

There's so much to catch up on, but rather than letting myself be paralyzed with guilt, I'll just trudge forward as if we hadn't experienced a 3-month hiccup, and hope that maybe someday I'll get around to publishing Christmas, and Spence and Trevor's birthdays.

Last week (March 26th) we had the wonderful experience of having Spencer baptized and confirmed in the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. Spencer has been the light and joy of our lives. He is a great example of kindness to his little brothers and his peers. His teacher has told me that the other children look up to him, and we are so grateful that he has been a positive influence on their lives. In addition to being a great friend, story-teller, and example, Spence has a desire to know God and to make good choices. We're glad that Spencer wanted to take this step to help him draw closer to God.

We were grateful to have Nana and Opa, and Chris and Deanna and their girls be there for the baptism. Opa gave a simple yet powerful talk about the Holy Ghost, and Jaron's confirmation blessing was sweet and touching. It was a peaceful, love-filled morning, and we wish we could have shared it with all our family and loved ones!

Don't be fooled by the sour face. Trevor really was excited for Spencer--he just needed a nap!