Sunday, July 12, 2009


We've been having a BLAST this summer, the boys and I.  Unfortunately, after a trip to visit my family around Memorial Day, I haven't been able to find our camera, but we just got a new one, so I'll start taking pics to catch up on the fun we've been having.  

I was so broken-hearted to not have a camera to capture a very special moment for Spencer: his first piano recital!  I've been teaching him for about a year, and throughout the school year he would practice most mornings before school for 15 min.  Most times he'd complain and I'd have to pull out some serious incentives, but it's worth it for me to have a well-rounded son!  Our library hosts many fun summer activities for school-age children, one of which was a Talent Show.  Spencer said he wanted to play the piano, so we prepared two songs, which involved lots of practice (more than the usual 15 min).  I'm so proud of Spencer for being brave enough to play, and for being so diligent with his practicing (because he really doesn't love it, or even like it on most days)!  

He was spectacular at the Talent Show; he was calm even though there were 80 people in the room (I counted), and he played flawlessly.  I wanted to run up to him and smother him with kisses and hugs, but I held back.  Fast forward a couple weeks to today.  Spencer spontaneously, without any bribe or coersion, sat down and played the piano for a full 20 minutes!!  And it's not even one of our practice days! This is a serious milestone for him, to play for sheer pleasure; to get so absorbed in the playing that he loses track of time.  It reminds me how much I love music, and how I love to get lost in it.  It was a special moment for me.

Oldie but Goodie

Since our camera has been lost for a couple months *sigh*, I was looking through old pics to see if I could post one and trick everyone into thinking it was new!  I came across this SWEET moment captured with my creative older boys.  This was taken around the new year, just before Trevor was born.  This is what happens at our house when you take a nap and assume your mature young adults will play appropriately and NOT get into trouble... I came downstairs to find two "SPI's" (translation: SPY's) dawned with camo-skin gear, "bee-noculars" (painted on) for special night vision, and wielding special spy sword/gun contraptions (paper towel tubes). I can't believe I didn't post this sooner!