Saturday, July 5, 2008


Jaron officially started residency, hence I (Em) have taken over the blogging indefinitely.  The boys and I wanted to celebrate Jaron's first day, so I went to a consignment store and bought us all "Iowa Hawkeye" shirts and whipped up (with what I had in my kitchen) an "Iowa" rice-crispie frosted cake.  After getting to the hospital at 5:30 that morning, Jaron came home after 8 pm.  We partied hard for about 20 min until Jaron said he had studying to do, and that has pretty much been the tune we've been singing all week (minus the daily parties).  But we (and especially ME) are so proud of Jaron for getting here in his career and we especially love that, although he's been busy, he finds simple ways to show us that he loves and cherishes us.  WE LOVE YOU, JARON!!

House in the Projects, pt 2

Here's some more before and after pictures of the dining area, kitchen, and another one of the Great Room.

Coralville House Project ("Before" and "After")

I don't mean "Livin' in the Projects" here, but the fun of moving into our new house in Iowa and working Nana Runyan like crazy so we could have some fun color on our walls.  It's taken me a while to post these, and not much has changed since Nana left 2 weeks ago, but I thought I'd give y'all an idea of how much "fun" we had (and "fun" IS the operative word here, since each new project I was scheming in my mind I would present to Jaron as "Wouldn't it be FUN if....", such as "Wouldn't it be FUN if...we hung shelves in the garage

                                        ....we replaced all the light fixtures in the house
                                        ....painted our 17-foot walls--you paint, honey, I'll hold the ladder...)

Anyway, enjoy these "before" and "after" pics of our Great Room, the Boys' room, and in the next post, our dining area and kitchen.  (We haven't hung any pics or decor yet, so it's pretty much just paint at this point).

Mikey Takes a Nap!!

Extra! Extra!  You read it here first!  That's right, folks.  Mikey Sullivan actually took a nap!!  We had gone swimming and when we came home I (Em) took a shower.  When I got out I noticed it was strangely quiet in the house, and knowing my little mischief-makers I thought the boys must be in the basement sneaking some TV time.  So I went to bust them but they weren't there!  I started getting nervous and went to the backyard, but they were nowhere outside.  Then I was REALLY wondering what was going on.  I came inside the front door, wondering what my next move should be, when I was startled to discover this scene.  Not staged, completely real, and yes, that is Spencer's foot pressed up against Mikey's face (Spence is asleep too).  I couldn't resist the photo op.