Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trevor at Home

Here's some peeks into the Sullivan household since Trevor has joined us.  He's such a joy!  We feel so blessed to have his sweet spirit in our home!  

I love reading to the boys, and since I'm holding/nursing/burping the baby a lot, there are lots of golden reading moments at the Sullivan's! (Jaron's taking this photo from upstairs looking down at us in the living room--you gotta kinda tilt your head to see it well.)

We LOVED having Nana stay with us for a week right after Trevor was born!  I think she loved it too, especially when I would ask her to be on "Trevor duty" to burp or rock him!

Trevor, about a week old, and Nana Runyan.

Okay, I love this one! I was in the kitchen cooking and had just put Trevor on his Boppy pillow in the living room, when I heard Mikey say, "Mommy!  I'm holding baby Treb!" (He calls Trevor "Trebo" or "Treb".)  I ran into the living room to see what was going on and found this--Mikey had slid Trevor off the Boppy and was holding his hips and legs.  Not too bad, but we've had talks since about only Mommy and Daddy picking up the baby!

Trevor is lucky to have such a sweet Daddy!  And I'm so lucky too to have scored him!  He's been able to be home more lately, and he helps out SO much with the kids.  I've been able to take several outings by myself already with Jaron caring for the boys at home.  I hope I can help our kids appreciate what a fabulous dad they have (though I'm sure they'll figure it out on their own)!

Big Brother Spencer REALLY loves his little bro.  Spencer is SO helpful whenever I need a hand.  He loves playing with Trevor, although he's getting anxious for the baby to interact more.  But he loves holding Trevor, talking to him and being silly for him (no courtesy laughs yet though).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gotta Love Those Boys!

Everyone asks how it's going with 3 boys in the home...Well, Jaron and I can honestly say that we're loving having a precious third, and our two "big boys" are keeping us laughing, frustrated, and warm-hearted...sometimes all at once!  I have to share a "warm-heartening" experience I had with them not too long ago.  Since Trevor has been born and I've been in the night-feeding routine, I'm not such the early riser and will squeeze all the minutes of sleep I can get out of each morning until either Trevor or the boys' frolicking wakes me up.  On one such morning, I went down to the kitchen to find Spencer and Mikey, food storage buckets pulled up to the counter, unloading the dishwasher.  They looked up at me with huge smiles and announced proudly, "Mom! We're doing the dishes for you!"  I was so touched by their sweetness that I didn't have the heart to tell them that they had just unloaded a dishwasher full of dirty dishes!  (I distinctly remember forgetting to start the dishwasher the night before!)   Not many days later my "helpers" were back at it.  This time I heard Spencer coaching Mikey with sweeping the living room floor and washing the mirrors.  I was nursing the baby when they ran in to tell me the good deeds they had done.  "And Mom, " said Spencer, "don't worry about us using the cleaning stuff (the cleaning solutions I won't let them touch) because we washed the mirrors with water!"

What can I say?  Gotta love those boys!!

Trevor's First Photo Shoot

Our friend Rachel Eng took pictures of Trevor (and Em) when he was a few days old.  She also took shots of the birth.  She's an amazing photographer and we're so grateful that she offered to do this for us!  Here's a sample, and if you want to view the whole photo shoot (set to music), you can go to:

Enter "Sullivan" for the password.  Enjoy! 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Enjoying the snow

After being in Texas for 4 years, the snow has been a big change.  We have enjoyed it so far, even though it has been cold (It was hot enough last Saturday that I went cycling, like 38 degrees or something!).  After we shoveled the driveway I made a jump to pull the boys off on their sleds.  Spencer couldn't wait to test it out, but after the first time off I quickly realized that I needed a down ramp.  "Dad, that was awesome! But, my bum really hurts."  No problem, the modifications just added more dimensions to the thrill and entertained the one that was in between turns.